Cookie's on Upper Red Lake

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Old Minnesota

     Don't worry, Old Minnesota's not as cold as the name. A vented heater and a generator provide warmth and electricity.

     There's a gas stove, sink, TV, DVD player and a radio. Two large pictures windows provide great views of other fisherman braving the wind of Red Lake attempting to keep their portables upright while you enjoy the warmth and elegance only a stay in Old Minnesota provides. The ice house comes with pots and pans, dishes, and silverware. 3 rattle reels provide all-night fishing and 6 holes offer plenty of action. There is a bunk with 2 double-sized beds, a ceiling fan, and there is an indoor biffy.

$250 per night Thursday through Saturday
20% off per night Sunday through Wednesday
Contact us for availability.

Minnesota's exterior
Minnesota's exterior
Minnesota's food prep area
Minnesota's food prep area
Minnesota's bunk beds
Minnesota's bunk beds
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