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Fishing Report

     January 30, 2008
     Had quite the day yesterday as mother nature came rolling in like a freight train. Agassiz road was in good shape until the nine mile mark as it swings to the northshore. Without the Red Baron I would not have reached Dean and his family or Johnny boy and Roman. I had to cut a new trail as the road was compleatly blown in.
     With Phil and his buddies rolling in at noon I had to get California ready to go. After escorting them to their fish house I spent a couple of hours cleaning Old Minnesota and fishing. With the temps dropping and the wind howling I landed 3 walleyes between noon and 2 in the afternoon. All three were caugt on differnt jigs. The largest jig caught the largest fish; a 16 1/2" while the medium jig caught a 15 and the small jig caugt the smallest fish.
     After coming home to gas up I had to head back out to escort Phil and his pals off the lake at 7:30. Not sure where all the blowing snow was coming from but it was quite the trip. About the only thing I could see was the road bank and at one point I may of been driving on top of it. With conditions like that I really should think about learning how to operate a gps. I was basically driving blind most of the time. It sure felt good to come off the lake. Even during the day when I was coming off it felt like I was going the wrong way. Not sure how to describe it, but you start questioning if you're really going the right way. Very funny feeling as I had to tell myself, "You're on the road just keep going slow."
     Mother nature may affect my house moving this week. I was able to get 5 of the nine moved before I broke on Sunday and with the repairs done I have not been able to move a house. Today will not work as again mother nature has made it tough to work in that environment. That leaves Thursday and part of Friday to get everything repositioned. That might not happen as I learned my lesson Sunday--slow and patient. As soon as you get in a hurry and skip a step you pay the price.
     Phil and the other two did manage to get two keeper walleye and two crappies.

     January 29, 2008
     Putting Florida on a fresh spot for Dean paid off huge as Dean landed a 45 inch pike. He lost a large one Sunday and got him yesterday around 9:30AM.
     Johnny boy landed at least 3 crappies in Old Minnesota last night and I have not talked to him this morning.
     Dave, Luke, Josh and Don ended up catching a total of 32 fish for the weekend. Their friends in Montana Fred, Brandon,Mark and Ron landed about the same. Jill and her crew in Utah got 4 crappies plus numerous walleyes. I would like to leave Utah there for next weekend and see if the house keeps producing but feel obligated to move it.
     Frank and his crew were in Arizona and a tow behind; they got one crappie and 12 walleye to take home. New york and Alaska did not do as well with New York producing 5 keepers and no crappie. They did not spend the night and may have missed the best fishing. They did get one heck of a buzz though. Old Minesota had two different groups in it.
     The fishing was not as good for Mark, Sandy, Bill and Tina but they did go home happy. Rick, Todd, Tony and Ken were in Old Minnesota Saturday and got quite a few fish that were too big. Tony was in California and again had slow fishing. They were gone in the morning before I could say goodbye.
     The big highlight was Saturday morning when a pressure ridge popped. I was visiting Jill and her crew when the lake rumbled. The best way to describe it would be like a 5 second earthquake. They sure had a good laugh at me as I thought it was going right under the house as I reached out to hold on.
     Dave and his crew were fishing within 2 feet of where it started and it knocked Dave right off his bucket. He said he had to go change his undies. The boys Josh and Luke thought it was cool and wanted to it to happen again.
     With the few fishermen that were fishing in the area I'm working and our own houses we got around 20 crappies so we are now up to 45 to 50 for the season. Everyone has got a walleye or two and the biggest pike goes to Dean. Way to go Dean. Landing a 45 inch pike in a 8 inch hole is not that easy.

     January 28, 2008
     Getting out on the lake yesterday morning, early, I wanted to make sure I got to say goodbye to all of my fishermen. I also wanted to get Florida moved as Dean, Sue and Jessie showed up at 7:30 yesterday morning. While I was prepping the houses and moving Florida Johnny boy showed up with his buddy Roman to help out. We moved Old Minnesota, Arizona, Florida, and Montana. Getting in a hurry I also wanted to move California. I broke my golden rule to go slow and patient and paid the price.
     As I attempted to move California she did not move too well and I tried to use a little more horsepower and torque. Bad idea, as I heard a snap. It was not as loud as an axle breaking but I knew something broke.
     Upon further investigation it was not good. I broke the frame on the left side behind the cab right in two. Blue thunder has some major welding to do. Looking at the break it looks like it has been cracked for some time. I guess it was bound to happen, but being in a hurry was not a good idea. We sometimes learn from our mistakes and this was a hard lesson to learn. Hopefully we can repair it today and be back in business by tomorrow. The Red Baron is very capable of moving houses in a pinch but Blue Thunder is our fish house moving machine.
     Driving off the lake gave me time to think as I was dog walking along. I will need to track down some welding rod this morning and we will see how it goes. I will try and give a detailed fishing report tomorrow. Everyone went home satisfied and that's always my goal.

     Thanks to Jeff at Agassiz we were able to patch Blue Thunder back together again. I have not tested it, but I will be moving New York tomorrow. It is a smaller house. From there Alaska and Utah are next. Florida will follow for the weekend as Dwane and his crew will be together and also in Montana. The true test will be Old Minnesota as I promised Wayne it would be on a fresh spot. Old Minnesota is the hardest house to move and I will be slowing down and not skipping any steps to save time. It sounds like Jeff has a couple of houses still open for the up and coming weekend.

     January 24, 2008
     We now have Montana and Florida set up for Dave and his crew pulling in today. Utah and Old Minnesota are also on new spots for Jill in Utah and Mark, Sandy, Bill and Tina in Old Minnesota. With some prep today they will be ready to go, then we plan on moving Alaska, California and Arizona for the weekend. Frank is in Arizona and wants walleye. Alaska and New York need to be together for Cory and his crew.
     The warmer weather predicted will be nice. It may change the ice with expansion as we have a good crack that formed Tuesday night. Mark and Bill plan on working some cracked ice while the girls kick back in Old Minnesota. It will be nice to see them as they are very nice people and have become friends for life.
     Johnny boy has been a tremendous help this year. We have had our moments but I love him and we will keep working hard to find the best fishing. Time to go. As Forrest Gump said, "Have a nice day."

     Again all the houses are on new spots for the weekend. I do not plan on moving any houses this weekend at this time. It should be interesting to see if the fish cooperate. I know checking on everyone before I came off the lake last night most were catching some fish so that was a good sign. All my fishing reports will come Monday or Tuesday after plans are made for next week. I know one thing; the houses will be moved. How far? I have no clue at this time.

     January 22, 2008
     Five miles out of Agassiz road is an orange flag on the right. This area has produced 25 crappies this year. I have left the area and with the Red Baron there are trails every which way. I still believe a guy can get more than a couple in the area but it was time to try another area. I will still try and fish the area and will not be surprised if I end up taking a house or two back into there. The walleye fishing was just ok which is a good indication that crappie could be around as they seem to shy away from each other? Tomorrow Alaska will be leaving the area as Cory has Alaska and New York and would like them closer together.

     Where to begin. The top priority was keeping everything up and running with the cold weather. Moving houses when its -20 is not the best idea as steel becomes brittle at -20. It's always my goal to have the houses on fresh spots for the up and coming weekends. Mechanical failure and mother nature will test your patience.
     New York was moved to a new spot and produced some decent fishing with 3 crappies landed since Friday.
     Arizona was a hot house with one crappie lost at the hole and many walleyes caught and released.
     Old Minnesota is the hardest house to move. With problems with Blue Thunder and the cold Pat, Todd, and Rich had bad fishing until I was able to move them on Saturday. The fishing got better once they were relocated. Not great, but better. After moving California and Old Minnesota on Saturday as I pulled away Blue Thunder lost all power. Working under the hood for 1 hour put a chill in my toes as a wire had broken and repairing it was a bit on the chilly side plus a huge challenge.
     Don and his crew were in Florida Thursday through Sunday morning. They had a hot house to start as it was on a new spot. Each night got worse but they did manage to land over 60 fish with only one being a crappie.
     Sergio and his crew had New York one day and California one day. They had some action the first day in California but it could of been better. Travis and his crew were in California on Saturday and had some decent action but not great.
     Doug and his family had California on a new spot Sunday and fished New York. They landed 8 keeper walleye and 1 crappie for a great fish dinner. They left before I could see how they finished.
     Utah was on a new spot and Greg and his crew were here for three days. One of the boys swears he landed a crappie on a depth bomb. The new hot lure? They had good fishing and did manage to get 2 crappies with all the walleyes they landed. The night bite was the beat with numerous misses on the rattle wheels.
     John and his crew were in Florida on Sunday. After Don and his crew were in the house for 3 nights I did not expect the fishing to be outstanding. I know they landed some fish but were gone Monday morning before I arrived. Rex and his guys fished Montana on Sunday night with limited success and it is now on a new spot for Dallas and Dave. I will know how they fared later today.
     Alaska is still in the area we landed 25 crappies. I hate to leave the area and will have to decide what to do. Loren and his crew had a blast even though the fishing was a bit slow they were just happy to be on vacation. Super nice guys and I hope to see them again in the future.
     Colorado was the hot house on Saturday during the day and Andy and Paul lost track of how many fish they landed. They had a blast as walleye after walleye were hammering there jigging rapalas. All in all a great weekend even though mother nature kicked my butt everyone stayed warmed and caught some fish. We are up to 30 crappies for the season so that is not so good but there is still plenty of season left and huge areas of lake to explore.
     Time to get to work.

     January 19, 2008
     Here on Upper Red Lake you can never blame the weather for bad fishing. As soon as you do you hear of someone that pounded them.
     The guys that reserved Montana canceled due to cold weather. I did not quite understand that as they made a reservation for ice fishing. It has to be cold to make ice.
     Yesterday was another busy day. Even though it was brutal out there my goal was to move a couple of houses. Things went real well until the sun hit the horizon. After unhooking Colorado Blue thunder did not seem to move well. Looking back it looked like I had a tire chain tangled up. Upon further investigation I had a flat tire 9 miles out and to my amazement there was a 3 inch nail sticking out of the sidewall. With no other choice I headed home at a snails pace and need to find a tire asap. As I have said before it's a whole different beast out there. Fighting mother nature and mechanical failure always throws a monkey wrench in the best laid plans.
     So far florida has been the hot house and I will have a detailed report of all the house by Tuesday. The guys coming for California may have to fish where it is for now. Moving 3 houses today could be real tough, but we will do our best. Johnny boy is doing a great job helping me this year, and all the work I have done would not be possible without him. One of these days we may even find time to fish together if I quit moving the houses so much. If I cut a line in the ice the way I have been moving houses we could do some trolling looking for that next hot spot. Time to get to work

     January 16, 2008
     It looked like Monday would be a day to take off a half day and drive to Bemidji to drop off the kids x-mas present as they were out of town for x-mas and I have not left Waskish since before x-mas. The plan was to work in the morning and take care of Lee and Chris when they arrived.
     I guess I didn't relize how cold it was going to get and Blue Thunder decided to puke its starter. So off I went in the Red Baron. Kellie said Blue Thunder was mad as I ignored her on Sunday as I was in the Red Baron all day OOPS.
     As I was taking gas out to Lee I ran into some gentlemen that were in need of a fish house and I was able to help them out. They fished California and did real well for walleye plus two bonus crappies.
     After installing the new starter I was off to move Old Minnesota for Lee and Chris. What a beautiful sunset. Kellie and I went back out and spent some time with Lee and Chris as they have become great friends. Kellie landed a nice 16 and 1/2 walleye while we were there. I will see how they did this morning as Lee would like to get at least one Red Lake crappie.
     Justin and Steve are in California and it will be interesting to see how they did after George and his crew did so well monday.
     Lee and Chris headed out towards the center bar yesterday and pounded the walleye. They figured they landed at least 30 fish in 2 hours. I hope to get a couple of houses out there by the weekend.
     Well its time to gas up and check the fluids as another big day has arrived.

     January 14, 2008
Brian and his crew rolled in Thursday. They were booked in Montana. I told them depending on the fishing the first night I could or would move them if we had to. Friday morning they had had some action but wanted to move. I was able to get them moved to a new area and Brian landed a 38 inch pike which made his trip. They caught enough walleye for supper and headed home and will be back in Feb.
     Florida was on a new spot for Scott and his family Chris, Matt, Kilee, and Joe. They had some decent action and got two crappies to boot. Joe said they gat a walleye and a crappie. They were only here one night and went home happy.
     Old Minnesota had Al, Connie, Paula, and Jerry. They seemed to enjoy themselves and went home with walleye but no crappie. Paula was confident she would outfish everyone and never got a fish. I fished Old Minnesota last night for two hours and marked fish the whole time but they would not bite. Johnny Boy was going to fish in there the rest of the night and see if we need to move the house. But I will move it anyway as Lee and Chris will be here today and I want them on a fresh spot.
     Jon, Jordon and the two girls fished Utah. They also had some action and landed a crappie just over 15 inches and plan on having it mounted. They also had walleye for supper.
     Dan showed up with his two boys, Isaac and Jacob for a night stay in Florida. Dan was teaching the boys more than fishing himself and Jacob landed a 28 inch pike. They rolled out early and I did not get to say goodbye.
     The guys in Alaska had a good time and caught 12 to 15 walleyes. I expected they would get a crappie or two but no luck. John and his crew were set up just to the east of Alaska and landed 3 crappies.
     California was never in a good spot. I told the guys I would move them Saturday if the fishing was slow. 3 fish and I was committed to moving them on Saturday. With their help it took no time at all to have them on a new spot and it paid off as they had much better fishing. Plus while cleaning the house yesterday I landed a nice 16 1/2 walleye. Frank, Turk and Tommy fished Arizona. They also had decent walleye fishing. They do some type of pool play with their fishing and Tommy pulled in a keeper walleye that landed him 30 bucks. They also got one bonus crappie worth 6 points. Frank landed a dandy perch and got minus 1 point. These guys are a hoot and will be back in a couple of weeks. Great customers and becoming good friends to boot.
     Our day house New York was the dead sea and will be getting moved asap. Colorado produced a fish or two and I will leave that there until we scout a new area.
     All in all another great weekend. The one dilemna I'm having is to chase the elusive Red Lake crappie you have to sacrfice good walleye fishing. Sad. Not sure what to do there as I cannot give customers both. I guess it always works out for a reason and we will see how it goes. We are up to 19 crappies in the area I have been working with some deccent walleye fishing. I have heard of some great walleye fishing but not a crappie around those areas.

     January 10, 2008
     Rodger, Rodney, and Cuda will be heading home this morning. They have caught just enough fish to keep them happy but it has been slow.
     I had Johnny fish California and he had some action and lost a big pike so he was going to spend the night out there again and try to catch that monster.
     Todd, Drew, Paul and Kirk also had slow fishing. Kirk did land a 26 1/4 inch walleye and a 31 inch pike. Old Minnesota will be moved today.
     After moving Utah yesterday I found out Jon canceled his trip so Utah is open this weekend. Don also canceled a house for next weekend. It's shaping up to be another busy weekend as I finish prepping the houses for the fishermen this weekend.

     January 8, 2008
     Last weekend friday started off good with a few fish caught. Tony landed a crappie right away in California. They landed another on Saturday but the walleyes were nowhere under the house and they just caught "Some."
     Tom and his crew were in florida and also had good fishing at the start. They even had a fish story as a fish took one of their rods down a hole. One of the other guys caught the rod and handed it back to the owner and he landed the fish. They also caught one crappie.
     Mike and his crew were here to party and I was a little disappointed when I checked on them Friday morning and there was puke in front of the house. Saturday they had a fight and one of them ended up with a black eye. The worst was when I moved the house today and found 30 cigarette butts floating in the melted water under the house. They also forgot to clean up the house. The thing that kills me is they were great guys.
     Josh and his crew fished Utah and portables. They fished hard. Last year they hammered the crappies and I'm sure they were a little disappointed.
     Wayne was in Old Minnesota with Travis and Jeff. They caught enough to each take home two keepers and also got some in the slot during the weekend.
     Ted, Andy and Travis were in Alaska and had quite the adventure on Saturday. One of the boys was reaching for the car keys and down the hole they went. I came out with a camera and snagged them only to lose them at the hole. While I went to track down a magnet one of the boys was able to find and snag them again. I even saw a walleye swimming around when we were trying to find the keys. They caught a couple of fish but it could have been better.
     Diehard and his crew were in our day house, New York, and the gray cabin. They managed to catch some fish but it was slow.
     Kirk and his crew have been here two days. Kirk landed a 31 inch pike but the walleye have become very elusive and they never caught a fish in California after I put it on a new spot for them yesterday. They had two keeper walleye when I left the lake tonight.
     Rodger,Rodney and Cuda are in Old Minnesota and are having a fish fry tonight. They have 5 in the bucket.
     Keith fished 9 miles out and caught 8 walleye yesterday and this morning. He has now moved 200 yards to the North East and I will find out how he did tomorrow.
     The last two days have been beautiful on the lake and I can not believe the fishing has not been better.
     The big drawing for two nights stay in a sleeper is this Sunday. All you have to do is use Agassiz access and enter your name. I will be calling the lucky winner Sunday evening the 13th of Jan. Good luck to the all fishermen. We will come up with another promotion after the 13th.

     January 2, 2008
     John and Jim had a fantastic time in Florida and caught plenty of walleye. They had walleye for supper and took home their four yesterday. Tim, Marty and the three boys also did well and managed to land two crappie besides plenty of walleye and one 30 inch pike.
     Dean and his crew pulled in late afternoon yesterday. When I checked in on them it was kinda slow. Tony landed a 19 inch walleye while I was visiting and also missed a fish or two. Dean and his son had caught two or three but kinda slow.
     Ole, Kellie, John and I fished old Minnesota and caught 6 small walleyes. We had a nice spaghetti dinner and John spent the night out there to see if he could snag a crappie.
     Today is again another busy day as I move New York for Nathen and his crew tomorrow, prep Utah and do some repairs. Montana also needs to be moved to a new spot. The plan at this time is to have all the house on fresh spots by the weekend.

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