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Fishing Report

     March 05, 2008
     Unfortunately, the fishing contest was canceled due to a lack of available funds. Hopefully we can plan this further in advance and provide a top notch contest for next year.

     February 26, 2008


     The contest will be Saturday, March 8 starting at 10AM and run until Sunday, March 9 at 10AM. All legal fish must be registered on the ice. We will have a heated fish house to register your catch. All fish must be fresh and not frozen. All fish must be caught on Upper Red Lake.
     Entry fee will be 5 dollars. All money will be paid back in cash prizes. We will add 500 dollars to the pot. We will also have door prizes of overnight stays in fish houses and cash door prizes.
Biggest crappie by weight: $250.00 plus Steve from Bear Paw will mount the winning crappie for free.
Largest perch: $150.00 by weight
2nd largest crappie by weight: $150.00
Prize drawing:
Cookie's on Upper Red Lake--one two night stay in one of our deluxe fish houses: $450.00 value
Agassiz--one free night in a four man sleeper: $200.00 value
100% of all entries will be given away. 100 entries $500.00 to be given away. 200 entries $1000.00.
50% 30% 20% in payouts.
I assume there are quite a few fish house rentals still open for that weekend due to walleye being closed. I only have two 4 man sleepers open for that weekend; Arizona and Utah.
If we get any other prizes I will add them.

     February 26, 2008
     The fishing was not the best last weekend and I guess thats why it's fishing. Just about every house got one crappie and a half dozen walleyes. We have started scouting a new area and plan on having all the houses on new spots for the weekend. There were some good reports of more then a few crappies caught this weekend with most coming well after dark. Johnny boy hooked up with a big crew of fishermen for a while on Saturday and was having a good time for a while.
     My brother will be up from Chicago this week as well as the Greek and my buddy Wayne.
     We do have a couple of houses open this weekend.
     February 21, 2008
     Just because walleye closes this weekend we will still be looking for the mother lode of crappies. No sense throwing in the towel now. I have one sleeper open for our fishing contest on the 8th of march as well as the cabin. Next weekend is wide open and I'm quite surprised that we have had no calls. I'm sure everyone that has somthing to rent has openings after the game fish season ends. I will have to check with Jeff from Agassiz to see what he has open for the contest. Should be fun and someone is going to go home with a little cash and a true trophy fish to hang on the wall donated by Bear Paw.
     February 20, 2008
     With the temp hovering at minus 34 it does not look like any houses will be moved today. I guess we will have to see what happens. Mother nature at her best, and who knows maybe the fish will swim under the houses where they're at? Everyone gets lucky once in a while. Tomorrow looks like it may be a little warmer and I can hit it hard. That also gives me a day to regroup and get a game plan. The Red Baron is in the shop getting a new u-joint and driveshaft, plus a master cylinder for the breaks.
     I do have some fishermen out there in Montana, Old Minnesota, and California. Johnny boy was going to stay in Alaska. Dan and his boys are coming up today and staying in Florida for one night. Steve and Brad fished Arizona last night.

     February 19, 2008
     Wow has it been busy. Fighting mother nature and mechanical problems has taken its toll. With Dave and his family of 22 rolling in on friday it was nice to see them as they are just good people with great attitudes about fishing. Out of all the weekends this year, we had our poorest fishing. I guess it's just the way it goes. There's no sense in even breaking down each house as they were all poor.
     On a good note Jeff from Agassiz hit the mother lode and figures there were close to 200 crappies caught in one area.
     Saturday, I was able to spend a little time fishing with Dave and a couple of the other guys from his crew. We were fishing north of our houses and managed 3 walleyes while to the west they were pounding the crappies.
     Keith headed home Sunday with 13. Johnny boy had the fire fighters up with hard houses and after catching some fish with at least 6 crappies they made the big move on Sunday morning and proceeded to pound the walleyes.
     Sunday was a whole different story with all the house rented and such poor fishing I was determined to get as many houses on fresh spots as possible. Watching the weather report my understanding was 5 to 10 miles an hour wind with NW 10 to 15 in the afternoon. Spending half the morning prepping a new area with the Red Baron I headed in to get Blue Thunder while Johnny boy cleaned up the houses and took care of his clients.
     My plans were to move the houses in order. Florida was first, followed by Montana, Old Minnesota was next when the wind started to pick up and the snow flurries started to come down. That's when Dave, Dao and Ann showed up. I got them set up in Arizona and Homer, Angel and Gary showed up for Alaska. With their help my plans changed and we moved their house. Now the wind was really starting to pick up when the crew for Florida, Montana and Old Minnesota rolled into town to meet at the Westwind and tip back a few, and I do mean a few.
     Now the wind is howling 30 miles an hour and it's a complete whiteout when I get a call from Johnny boy and he cannot see a thing at 6 miles in the Red Baron and I need the auger. I told him to stay there and I would come to him. He was happy to see me until I said we were heading back to the houses to get them augured. Now the crew at Westwind has had more then enough and are waiting at our home!
     It's getting dark and all the roads are blowing in with Jonny boy leading and Jeff following me we headed home. Some dude with a broken Boss v-plow has came down Jeffs road and piles snow on both side of the road creating a perfect channel for the blowing snow to get caught in. Johnny boy is freaking out trying to see and pushing all that fresh snow with the v-plow again making the berms a little taller for more snow to get captured in. Then Jeff is behind me doing the same thing.
     We finally get home at 8PM and get all the guys in their vehicles. 5 trucks in all and again head out to get them to their houses. I again take the lead and have no choice but to have the plow down creating even bigger berms. What a mess. Upon arriving at the fish houses Kellie and I just wanted to get home so off we go again. We pulled into the driveway after midnight. With nothing to eat all day I ate a piece of chesse and slapped another piece between two pieces of bread ate 3 bites and went to bed. What a day.
     Sunday morning and Jeff heads out in the Grey Goose to open up a trail. I get the Red Baron loaded up and remove the ton of ice and snow that has arrived at his houses. I head out and here comes the dude with the broken v-plow hauling a 28 foot ice castle. He has the hammer down, a panicked look on his face, and again making a mess of things and I have to pull over to let him get by. Then a mile or so later all the fire fighters come by along with every other fishermen. At 7 miles there's a 10 foot wide fish house in the middle of the road with no wheel. How can it get any worse? I get around him. "No one there." I get out to our customers and get a phone call there's someone stranded. When I arrive the guys with the 10 foot house are wedged in an 8 foot wide road. After getting them unburied they put the hammer down and again fill the road with snow as they baha to shore.
     Now to top it off I get back out to our houses yesterday and proceed to break a drive shaft in the Red Baron. I spend the rest of the day out there cleaning up and get home at 7pm.

     February 13, 2008
     Mother nature has been brutal. Keith and his family were here Sunday and Monday and did not do too well. Because of the conditions I was not able to move the houses on a fresh spot and again it showed in the fishing. They did manage to catch a couple of fish.
     Ryan and his wife seemed to have had a nice time with Ryan landing a 42 inch pike. They also caught one crappie and may have lost a couple of others.
     Doug got two crappies Monday night and one Tuesday morning.
     Yesterday, Johnny boy and I were able to move Minnesota, California and Florida. I fished Old Minnesota as I knew I could catch a crappie since again it was a new spot. I wanted my line down at 6 and at 6:01 I had a crappie. Jeff then called as he had broken down and needed a tow. Johnny boy was going to fish Montana last night as he got two the night before.
     Lee and John are here fishing Old Minnesota and Harold, Steve, Jerry and Jim are in California. If any one can break our record for one house of 15 it will be those guys as they know how to fish.
     Today, we will again battle mother nature as we move Utah, Montana, Arizona and Alaska. In all honesty I'm getting a little tired. I should get a second wind as we push on. Without the proper equipment and manpower, maintaining a road is quite the challenge.

     February 10, 2008
     What a mess mother nature made out there Saturday night. We can get to our houses but the 8 lane road we made is now a trail. The Red Baron was again put through his paces. Maintaining a road is a huge investment of time and equippment. I will have to cut a new road to the north again.
     With the temp at 28 below this morning I again will not be moving any houses today. Chasing crappies has been quite the challenge this year. California landed a 8, Florida landed 6, and Montana landed 8, I think. With the biggest coming on a tip up with a sucker minnow. Wow what a nice fish it made all the others look tiny and was 15 1/2 inches long.
     Old Minnesota did not do well at all but the guys got plenty of card playing done. Eric and crew of 16 sure are great guys. For some reason I cannot get down there names. They were able to film a pike they landed and it was quite funny with a lot of cussing. I guess they move around from house to house so much and tend tip ups it's hard to figure out who is who.
     The pike they landed was at 10:30PM. It took a tip up first when they lost it outside they went back in the house and had it on all three of their lines in the house. After relizing who had it on, the fight was on and Dustin landed a 39 1/2 inch pike. All of this was caught on video.
     Ron and Mike fished Arizona on Thursday and Friday and landed 6 crappies. Leroy, Scottt and Rob fished it Saturday and landed at least two.
     Scott and his crew, fellow Ibots, landed 9 crappies and 8 keeper walleyes in Alaska. The coldest house was also the hottest house. Utah did not do so well and got only a couple of fish. Jeff, owner of Agassiz, had a house that got 8 crappies as well and yesterday a guy landed a 45 inch pike on 6 # test.
     Larry and his crew fished New York on Saturday; they ended up with just enough for a fish dinner. I think they would have liked to fish longer but It was after 8 and I was leaving the lake for the eve and thought it was a good idea to follow me in being it was a whiteout with drifts everywhere.
     Yesterday, Ryan and Laura showed up for Old Minnesota and Keith, Laura and their two daughters Casa and Tesa are fishing in Florida. It will be interesting to see how they did when I get out there this morning.

     February 10, 2008
     Oh mother nature gave a a good old fasion butt kicking yesterday. Going on and off the lake was undescribable. The snow filled in your tracks as fast as you made them. It was a stressful day making sure everyone was ok. Some of the guys that came to shore did not make it out late last night as the wind and blowing snow was relentless. When I came off the lake last night with Larry and his crew they were very thankful that I had them follow me off. The only way to see was to follow the berm on the south side of the road as you could not see very well. I will be headed out as soon as it's light to make sure everyone is ok and open up a trail so they can get off the lake. After that we will have to decide what to do and go from there. I do not know if I will be moving any houses today until I evaluate the conditions. It would be great if we can stay in the area we're at. We have gotten a few crappies and a couple of walleyes.
     Thursday was definitely the best fishing unless they turned on last night. I told Scott in Alaska that if they could break our crappie record from one house I would give him 20 dollars. I may have lost 20 dollars if they went and fished New York after I left.

     February 7, 2008
     It's again been a busy week as I reposition houses. Again, I needed another day and will be scrambling today and tomorrow. Gary and Bill have spent a couple of days fishing in Utah with decent fishing. Last I talked to them they has gotten over 20 walleyes and two crappies plus a 36 inch pike and a couple smaller pike.
     Rodger fished Old Minnesota and Florida for a day. They got enough walleye to eat but had not caught a crappie.
     Dean,Jim and John headed home yesterday after fishing California 3 days. John had never iced fish and it must of been beginner's luck as they went home with 15 crappies and 6 walleye plus they had a walleye dinner while they were here.
     Arizona got 6 crappies Tuesday night on a new spot. It sounds like last night was a lot slower for some reason. Lets hope the area stays fishy. Keith has also caught a crappie or two.

     February 5, 2008
     Brian, Jim and John rolled in Sunday and the plan was to have them fish California the first evening so I would not have to rush to get her moved. Dave and his guys had taken 6 crappies over the weekend and plenty of walleye so I expected the house to be burned out. I cleaned up around the house the best I could and told them we would move the house the next day if the fishing was poor. When I stopped in they opened their cooler and they had 6 keeper walleye and 9 Upper Red Lake slabs! They also released a 40 inch pike.
     Another surprise yesterday was when I shoveled the walk I thought, "Great we only got a half inch of snow." After doing some maintance on the Red Baron I headed out onto the lake. 9 miles later and I measured 3 inches of fresh powder snow. Most of the day was spent plowing and not what I planned at all. Foiled by mother nature again. I was able to move Montana and Alaska. Utah is next on the list as well as Arizona and we will go from there. With Eric and his crew coming this weeknd it should be a good time as these guys know how to fish.

January '08
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