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Fishing Report

     December 28, 2007
     Our first big group headed home this morning after spending two nights in Florida and Montana. Our goal was for Bob to catch a crappie and he caught one. The walleye fishing was good with more than a few caught.
     Pat, Ryan and their buddy are in old Minnesota. They had caught over 24 walleye in less then 24 hours. I thought for sure they would pick up a crappie or two but no luck. I think we have to go North.
     The two houses in closer to shore, Utah and California did not do as well. They all had some action but the better fishing seemed to be out deeper. Sandy and Jill managed to get 3 to take home and ate one or two. The guys in Utah fished in New York and had better action out deeper.

     December 26, 2007
     Yesterday Montana and Florida were pulled out of the woods and on to the ice. Being such large houses it's always a little nerve racking taking them out of the woods. Taking my time hauling them out to their first spots of the season took over a hour per house. This morning I need to auger the holes and string the lights. The season has officially started as I have 4 sleepers rented today. California is also on a new spot.
     With the amount of snow on the lake it looks like it will take a bit longer to prep areas for the houses this year. I have put Blue Thunder through her paces and with Old Minnesota hitting the lake today she will get another good work out.
     Once I feel more comfortable driving the Red Baron on the lake I will do my best to punch secondary roads off the main road for fishermen as off road travel will be a little tougher this year. Bring your # 2 shovel and leave the plastic snow shovel at home. The snow is wind blown and getting harder all the time.
     Westwind has some new jigs especially made for them and looking at them I had to have two. They could be the hot lure this year and once I try them I will let everyone know how I do.

     December 20, 2007
     Jim and dean came up for the day to try their luck at landing a few walleye. They hit the lake around 10 AM. The first area they tried they never got a bite so they moved to the North and out to 10 feet of water. Around 2 PM the fishing turned on and they figured they caught 20 with some misses thrown in. They came off the lake just after dark and headed home with 4 keepers.
     I spent a better part of the day moving 4 houses for the customers coming tomorrow. Everyone that's coming are only planning on fishing one night.
     I went out 3 miles in Blue Thunder and found 14 inches of ice in two holes. At 2 miles I measured 13 inches and at 1/4 mile still holding at 12 inches. Tomorrow morning I will have to get a early start to get the heat on and the holes drilled.
     Wow are the houses starting to pop up all over out there. I have two houses in shallow and two out a little deeper. It sounds like the shallow bite has slowed but we will give it a shot this weekend as we wait for closer to 16 inches of ice.

     December 16, 2007
     After Jr. did so well Wednesday I had high expectations for the weekend. Frank and his crew of 7 rolled in at 11AM Friday. After getting them settled in I finished getting Alaska and New York ready to go. Brian, Matt, Ethen and Arron pulled in after 6PM. They were pumped and with the two boys I sure wanted them to tag into some fish. Chris and his crew did not roll in until after 10 so it made for a long day.
     Frank, Dan, Shwaggs, Brad, Gordy, Ryan, and Larry did fairly well Friday and landed over 20 walleye all in 5.2 inches of water. After that run the fishing just died for them. Brian and the boys did poor from the get go and only landed two walleye and a bonus eel pout. The boys had a hoot playing with a mouse trap they found in the house.
     When I took Chris and his crew out I cleared a spot with Blue Thunder and said "fish here." Saturday morning I stop in and 5 of them are fishing in New York and the spot I had Chris set up was 3 feet of water. About that time Bob walks over with a 19 incher he caught in the house in 3 feet of water. A nice surprise was when Dave rolled in and gave me a big fillet of salmon. He has started a new company "Ion's Wild Alaskan Salmon Inc". Kellie and I will be having that for supper tomorrow. If anyone wants some salmon give him a call 218 393 9599.
     Chad and Chris are in the cabin tonight. Yesterday they fished 6 miles out and caught their 4 keepers but said it was pretty slow as they fished all day and into the eve. Chad did say they caught quite a few small walleye 12 inches.
     Today I moved all 4 houses due to slush. Lee showed up and we fished for an hour with one small pike. Lee did catch a fish out of an old hole where Alaska was. He also snagged a part for the gas light that went down the hole when I moved it. California was the heaviest house I had out and had quite a bit of water under it. I earned my money chopping that baby out but now it's resting on good ice until I decide where the next hot spot will be. This weekend was a good tune up for the coming weeks. I was able to work out a few bugs and get into the groove of moving some houses around.

          December 13, 2007
     My nephew came up to do a little fishing so yesterday I took California out to the last sand bar so he could spend the night. He figured he caught 30 fish with two under 17. Mother nature has now taken over and it is whiteout conditions at this time. There is a little slush around the house from the weight so I will move it today or tomorrow depending on the weather. Ole was out quite a bit further and only landed 2 walleyes both nice 19 incher. It also sounded like Kenny did catch one crappie two nights ago further out. It will be sometime before any of our houses go anywhere beyound a 1/4 mile out and after the weekend I may pull them back to shore to be on the safe side. Blue Thunder has some new parts I need to install today before I can open up the road for Junior to get off the lake. He is fine out there as I took my 2-wheel drive truck out there to check on him this morning.

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