jan 15th 2019

Well here we go again, Its been addressed I need to state our prices for plowing. We would like to get 50.00 for a spot plowed. 100 if we have to rescue a house that has been drifted in.
My intension while writing in the morning is not to offend anyone ,Its just a way of letting fisher people know some of the ins and outs of being out there every day. Yes I have grand days and bad days as I take on more then I can chew some times. I try to help when ever possible. Yes I do expect tips as I’m trying to scratch out a living.
I truly love being out there watching the spectacular sunsets that mother nature provides. Having fun with customers, getting to know them, where they live, what they do for a living. The great thing is you have something in common as soon as you meet. Fishing? Do I have a passion for fishing ,maybe not, but I enjoy the comradery of fishing, seeing fellow fishermen catch fish. Hanging out with customers/ fishermen. Maybe playing some cards,some cribbage, yesterday even some dice games. Laughing yuking it up, how can you not enjoy that. Laughter make’s you younger.
We got the red baron going with a little help from our friend / mechanic Tom. Jonny boy got frustrated as would be expected when your laying on the ground in the cold,snow dropping a gas tank more then a couple times.
I had her on the lake yesterday feeling her out, its such a sweet truck as it pretty much idles through the snow. I did get hung up yesterday but that was my own fault. Its not the first time I’ve gotten stuck and I expect not the last. I did forget to put the number 2 spade shovel in the truck. If you own a wheel house ,purchase a number 2 steal spade shovel. They work a lot better then a plastic snow shovel or aluminum snow shovel. It seems every year I pick up parts of broken plastic snow shovels.
We will be saying good by to the guest this morning then its time to decide what area we want to fish. I have a good feeling the area I’m at is getting fished out and do not want to gamble with bad fishing this coming weekend.

There’s some areas of broken ice that are now hidden so I have to be carful when we cut any new trails.
Old Minnesota had Jon and Mike, the house had not been fished very hard so I took a shot and left it there. The guys got 4 nice fish ,They also lost a big one at 3am. Will see how they did last night later.

California had Rick and Al. They were up to 6 and rick also lost a big fish.
Tanner is here with a big group of guys and his dad, Tanners Dad brought our truck white lightning here from Denver we had bartered for a couple nights fishing. They have north Dakota and montana, a few fish of been caught but they were having a hoot playing dice games yesterday.
I never made it out there last night as fog had moved in .My plan A turned into Plan B as it was as they say thick is pea soup.
Today we plan on getting as many house’s moved as possible as the colder weather is about to come down upon us,
We have Jon v coming today with the rest of the guests rolling in Friday. It was good timing as I hate to say I was getting a little worn out going 16 hours a day.

Jan 14th 2019

Its been so crazy busy here for Jonny boy and I.
We had guest all of last week right into Friday,. Its been non stop go go go.. Trying to remember events and names after a 5 day run can be tough to say the least.
First things first a couple in fishing can be any where from 2 to 12, a few can be any where from 3 to 19. One is one I think?
We had Jack and his buddy in north Dakota for 2 nights midweek , we did move them the second day. They caught a few.
we had Mitch in montana where I never even got to visit much .I think he got a couple.
Steave was in California mid week he also got a couple?
We had jerry and his sons in Kentucky mid week, we moved them the third day. They never did that well but enjoyed there stay and all ready said they plan on doing it again.

Thursday and friday we busted butt getting ready for the weekend, All the houses were put on fresh spots, My good friend says I’m the master of confusion when it comes to plowing trails to the houses. I ruin areas as I go one way or the other. Up,down . This way, that way. Its all in the grand plan on a grand lake.
Our good customers Andy and Andy made there second trip of the year. Andy inspired me with some constructive criticism years ago about gassing the generators. We now fill the generators instead of putting some one in charge. If we have bad weather they may have to get a lesson in filling them but by the most part we take care of them with our system.
They were in Kentucky and montana the other Andy’s favorite house. They caught some fish in the new location we moved to, but quite a few smaller fish, which is good to see. I think Andy his dad Brad and brother Alex may of went home with 6? They caught more then a few though.
Sam there friend came up with his wheel house They only got a couple.
We had Jim’s friends in old Minnesota Dan and Stacy. I plowed a spot for his wheel house. They ended up with a few between old Minnesota and Jim’s.
Leroy his grandson Quinten and Christen made there annual trip again. It sure would be nice if we landed on the mother load on one of there trips. They did get a couple over a fat 21 and a fat 20 plus a couple more. We did move them Saturday as the house had been fished 2 days in a row with so so fishing.
Ringo rolled in Saturday morning for 1 night in north Carolina. They went home happy with there catch. I also had to plow 2 spots for there friends wheel house’s. I came off the lake Friday night at 6 only to turn around and escort a uncle out and plow him a spot where he gave me 10 dollars? Wow, I just told him my time was worth more and drove off. I got home at 7 where I rested and ate before heading back out with the other wheel house around 9:30. Talk about a long day.
We also had Dale fish in California as a day house with his buddy Wally and there wife’s. They fished tell dark and I know they got a few.

Jonny boy and I worked on all three vehicles Saturday into yesterday. The hammer got her new wheel bearing thanks to Jonny boy. We also trouble shot the red baron where we found a bad ground and 2 fuse’s for the ecm module? What ever that is. We also added a new ground. I did warm it up last night a filled her up. I ‘m going out on the lake today to test her. What a relief getting her going. It has a terrible wobble we need to figure out. If you look it up its common and is called the death wobble “ZOIKS”
There’s more matianace on the fleet. We do get a bit of a break after our guest we have now leave on Tuesday.
Of course mother nature plans on stepping in mid week with temps closing in on -20.
Even though I baby my trucks they still take a beating, 3 or 4 tranny’s in the red baron, drive shafts, belts, batteries. wheel bearings. u joints, radiators. Both plows have been completely rebuilt.
I litterly ran blue thunder 1 into the ground over the years. When we retired her she was worn out. Over the last 4 years we have robbed many parts off that truck, including the whole front differential last year.
Sometimes the frustration level hits the roof, its all worth it when you enjoy your work on a grand lake that owes us nothing

jan 9th 2019

So a little venting is in order.
Yesterday I’m coming back from the gas station , there’s a truck and wheel house behind me, there’s a car behind him. There’s a double yellow line all the way through waskish, yet people think they can pass? Its a double line for a reason .There are drive ways all the way through waskish. What is the big hurry. If your pulling out of a driveway look left, right, left and right again.
The whole fleet is going on the move again today, Our good friend Lee was here with his gal Bonnie staying in old Minnesota. They had a grand time on a grand lake. A few fish were caught and eaten.
Jerry and his crew got to experience a move yesterday as we pushed out further, looking for better fishing.
Steve has caught a couple in California and was commenting how peaceful it is out there.
Mitch is fishing in florida with about the same results.
Jack and Al are in north Dakota. We plan on moving them this morning. They did have a 16 and 19 last night but very slow.
Jonny boy was staying in montana last night. With all the plowing I never got it moved. Once there on new spots I have a pet peeve about being fished .Fishing in the house on the same spot after the guest leaves is nice to see if the good bite continues on that spot.
Now for the red baron. We have a fuel pump problem and could use a good electrical guy. Its got to be a ground. It seems once the gas tank is bolted back up the pump stops working. I’m willing to barter or pay for someone that could fix the problem as the red baron is a very important piece of equipment. Once the snow drifts get hard the red baron becomes the work horse of the fleet. Plus the next snowfall with over 7 miles of main road to help on she needs to be ready to go.
Blue thunder has gotten a work out so far this season. The hammer picked up a new battery. She has 2 and one broke loose and cracked, finding a little time to replace it will have to wait for now as working on it outside can be a bear .
With such a busy week all the house’s need to be moved toady as mother nature threw a wrench in things when that dusting of snow came. Followed by the high winds. I basically lost a whole day. Its nothing new here. I sure do not understand where all the snow comes from, you would think after a hour or two it would all be on the shore line. The only thing I can figure as there must of been snow squalls that day. Or it was so windy the snow was coming from Canada. I have a new dance its the fish dance so were going to give that a shot today.

Jan. 8th 2019

To my surprise the winds howled all night sunday but the drifting around the houses were next to nothing.
The fishing was not to good. Larry staying in old Minnesota one last night caught 5 fish all over 18.
Banjo Mike and his wife did horrible? I offered to move them yesterday after we got all our other houses moved and customers checked in , they decided it was to much work.
I sure do understand why the fishing was so bad in that spot. The whole area had been fishy in the past. I guess they swam away. My other theory is they are so plump and healthy they really do not need to eat unless its a treat. I’m thinking some one should try a strip of bacon?
The new spot we picked for Aaron and his crew only got a couple,, Jerry and his crew were in there last night and did get a couple so far. The plan will be to move them for there third night at this time.
Keith and his wife got 3 but did not have any rattle wheels down.
We did move caliofrnia, florida, north Carolina, and old Minnesota yesterday. I would like to get it dialed in where we could move all 7 in one day? Prepping spots takes so much time not sure if its possible.. We had guest in 4 house last night so will see how they did today, I’m done expecting good fishing as there just not biting that good?
We did have a cancelation for the weekend so old Minnesota has opened up.
1 fish ,2 fish ,no fish 3 fish is my new saying.
Its so frustrating to not see the guest not catching fish. None of my tricks of 17 years is working.
Last week Justin did try fishing outside away from the house and picked up 2.
Fishermen/ guest will some times blame the weather? The only problem I have with that is you always here a report some where on the lake we hammered them?
Tim and amande that were here a week or 2 ago caught 21 fish, the year before they did well. They went and fished where my guys from Arkansas got next to nothing during the blizzard and picked up 3 nice fish, I’m guessing they are pretty good fisher people. She did say they are tight to the bottom and were biting super lite.
So earlier this year the snow was like sugar sand and was the easiest, best snow I have ever banked houses with, Yesterday the snow had turned to the worst, wet, heaviest snow I have ever banked houses with, I knew I was go to pay for that beautiful banking snow. The last house we banked I had Jonny boy do it my back was shot.

Today the winds are howling out of the nw. Working out there today could really be a chore to say the least. The snow had turned real wet now with the temps dropping and the wind howling off road travel make get a little tougher.

jan. 7th 2019

Well its pretty much been non stop . Just when I thought I could never get frustrated like I did when my phone crashed.
Friday morning I meet Rick ,Matt and Mike at 7 am and my new phone decides it only want to ring when it wants to ring. I have Larry calling in around 10 to check in. Elvis rolling in with his wheel house around noon, Larry’s crew rolling in around noon for montana and florida,. Matt rolling in some time for California with his 4 kids, Justin call ing with his wheel house for a plowed spot. Dan checking into the cabin, Another Dan checking into Kentucky for the day. followed by Dave and his crew spending the night in Kentucky. Then throw in 2 more wheel houses with 2 different lee’s.
Jonny boy and I are again moving houses, getting ready for the weekend where I expect I may get a little rest.. Every time I look at the phone I have missed calls. Now I’m getting voice mails, trying to figure out who’s who by calling the missed calls checking the voice mails.
Some how I was able to get every one checked in through out the day but again it was not a smooth easy day as expected.
Matt and his kids did not roll in tell around 10:30pm that night so I had another 16+ hour day. Jonny boy was frustrated because every time he looked up I’m on the phone. I did finally get home around 6:30 where the hammer spent a few minutes and fixed the problem .
With all the houses scattered about I expected much better fishing when I was making the rounds. All the house’s had a little action but all in all very slow with many lookers that refused to bite.
Rick, Mike and Matt were in north Dakota where they took home 7,3 over 4 under,they also ate a couple fish. Rick got a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie a 14 1/2 incher that he let go for good karma. He also brought the hammer and I 4 lobster tails plus a couple steaks which I cooked last night for our 41rst wedding anniversary. Thanks so much Rick,Mike and matt.
Larry was hosting some client’s to a fishing trip ,we had old Minnesota, montana and florida set up in a triangle. He would be making them dinner Friday night. I stop in making the rounds , he had a buffet set up in old Minnesota where he had cooked a 7 pound tenderloin with baked potato ,chive, cheese, bacon bits ,corn oriental salad, bread, mushrooms@ onions. Talk about impressive. I did have a piece of the tenderloin. It was the best piece of meat I have ever had in a fish house. With the 3 house I think florida with Brian and Nick did the best with 12 walleye landed. Larry missed quite a few fish when he was cooking and cleaning. The guys in monatana Brian and Collin? also got a few. Our night bite has been pretty quite with 1 or 2 rattle per night around 3 or 4 am.
The guys in Kentucky only got a couple, when they left Dave and his 2 boys checked in for the night. They were fishing from sleds all day . They fished 5 spots, they landed 21 fish for the day keeping 11. I think they caught a couple in Kentucky.
Matt with his kids did not do so well ,only landing 4 fish. It just kills me when we do not get fish, He left us some pots, pans, etc for California which was nice. I did get to show the kids the 4 j”s Jamison, Josiah, Jasmyn, Josilyn my disappearing minnow trick when they were all loaded up to leave so that may of been a interesting ride home for Matt.
We moved Kentucky Saturday morning to the end of the road where it was a bust sunday we moved arron and his crew back by the fleet where we knew there were a few fish swimming around.
Jonny boy got the new fuel pump in the red baron I came off the lake Saturday around noon to rest and decide I should warm her up and go to the gas station. I made it a bout a mile onto the lake where she died. Jonny boy came and towed me home where we now have to figure out why the new pump in the tank is not working. With the little snow last night and high winds out of the south east it sure would of been nice to bring her onto the lake today. Oh well I would guess its gods intervention to not have her out there yet .
Yesterday there was no time to work on her as we moved Kentucky, Montana, and north Dakota before all the new guest arrived. I’ll see how they did this morning as I clean up the mess from the high winds and snow last night. We have to get old Minnesota dug out as well as florida, califrnia and north Carolina. All 3 need new fishing spots prepped before I dig them out, Very, very busy here on the shore of upper red lake where she’s a grand lake and owes us nothing.

Jan 4th 2019

Well not sure where to begin. My embellished story? about the wheel houses turned very ugly, The only time I talked to any of them was the second wheel house with Dustin? I tried to shake his hand? Any way the next day I talked to Cody as I jerked him out when I saw they were stuck. On the other hand Jonny boy did talk to them? Oh well life goes on.
My frustration level has dropped which is a good thing.. Its still best to call me as the new phone is confusing to say the least.
I’m still sticking to helping out fishermen as much as possible. If I plow any off shoot roads they are plowed to get to my rentals. I do not own these plowed roads, there plowed to get to my shacks. No one owns public waters. That’s a printed law. You can not impede fishermen again its a statue law. If there’s a rental in the road ,and you have to go past a little common sense go a long way. Most time my rentals are at the end of the road. That’s seems to be the biggest problem as they always want to go to the end of the road?
Ringo called me to thank me, he did pay me, but I was so busy and rattled I could not remember. He called to say they hammered them In north Carolina. It was the first rental on the road to funny. I have always said everyone drives over a million fish to get to the end of the road.

Jonny boy and I have been humping away, As always plan A turns to plan B and sometime plan b turns to plan c. Then throw in murphy’s law. . As My god friend Wayne says. I say its not my first rodeo? He say What’s it like in the clown barrel. You can not beat the laughs and comradery .
Tom From Duluth rented North Dakota as a day house for his crew, They fished in north Dakota, The fishing could of been better but they sure enjoyed the house . They even spent a night out there. They also rented 2 day houses and a cabin from westwind, Where John got his first elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie yesterday. I still have not seem Tom to settle up. I expect he will call me when I ‘m out there moving Kentucky this morning.

Duwaye and Dave spent the night in florida. They only got a couple but Dave liked the house and said he would come again.
The hammer ,I and Jonny boy had dinner and a movie in old Minnesota. I cooked up the steaks we had planned on eating new years eve. I out fished the hammer again I got 1 walleye she got a perch. We spent the night where I enjoyed a evening off. I even watched a movie Thursday morning. She did tie it up Thursday when she got a nice keeper at 10 am.
We have a busy morning today as we have to get Kentucky and California moved asap.
We have a full house starting today with something rented every day tell next weekend.
Looking at the books all our 5 deluxe houses are booked every weekend the rest of the season. I do have California our 3 man and north Carolina our 2 man open a few weekends at this time.
On a side note I have to take a peek at blue thunder as yesterday I hit a hunk of rough ice that pretty much stopped me in my tracks. The hammers trail blazers belt tensioner went out also. I opened the hood and the sparks were flying. After we get every checked in today we have a wheel baron to do, a belt tensioner, and a fuel pump on the red baron. I guess you could say busy busy busy on a” Grand lake that owes us nothing”.

jan 2nd 2019

Happy new year,
Yesterday was another frustrating day for me, Oh well will push on. We had some heater issue/propane when it was 25 below. The owner of Kentucky said last year he put a heat magnet on the 30 pound tank. I would rather have a full 100 when the temps hit that low so going to see if we can adapt a 100 pounder.

My report yesterday upset a few people so I’m sorry about that. My phone crashed the day before and my frustration level hit the highest it could hit. After 10 days of grinding, hustling, digging out , plowing the main road,riding out a snow storm/wind storm, spending the night on the lake with damp cloth from the knees down, bad fishing, moving houses, checking customers in and out. I think Ringo stiffed me? He was in north Carolina 1 night. Having 7 wheel house go around me after I moved 1 mile from the main road, racing to Bemidji for phone on icy roads, still trying to recover pics ,contacts,learning a new phone, repairs on the red baron, fuel pump, wheel baring on the hammers vechicle etc. etc etc.

I absolutely love doing this work . Its a natural high for me. I still consider every fishermen a potential customers and not a googen cidit, sqatters or and other derogative comment. If you need a plowed spot its 50 bucks for my time, and ware and tare on truck. That’s just the way it has to be, Once we become friends it could be cheaper the next time? There’s plenty of spots you can back right into off of old trails if you do not need help?
Rant over. Now for the fishing report. It has gotten much better.
Tim and Amanda were in north Dakota and manage to land 21 fish, plus they fished outside where I had such terrible fishing? They got a 38 inch pike and 2 keeper walleyes during the day.
Bill and Jackie were in Old Minnesota, They caught a couple but saw fish on there camera all night long.
Jonny boy fished in montana with Roman, they managed a few .
Paula, Tom and Adam are in florida, For some reason I left it there instead of moving it. Oops now as I re read my blog I see why I did not move that house? On a good note they were up to a dozen fish caught.
Jeff and 3 of his kids showed up for 1 night in Kentucky, They only had one last night.
Well that’s about it here on a grand lake that owes us nothing.
Jonny boy and I plan on moving the whole fleet before Friday morning

Jan 1rst 2019

Talk about a whirl wind. All I can say is Wow, what a week it has been.
The fishing has been all over the board. Do to the storm that was about to blow in I had decided to retreat closer to the main road. There’s know ay I can even get close to figuring out who was in what house, when they were here. What we moved,
I was on the lake when the snow and wind picked up. We had Pat, Ryan, Richy and the kids in Kentucky and North Dakota. I can say they had a hoot. I never had a chance to play a game of cribbage with Pat. Hopefully next year. They did manage to get enough fish for a fish fry at westwind after the storm but it was terrible fishing.
We had the Arkansas boy in Montana and The owatana boys in florida for the storm. They were here for 4 nights. They road out the storm with wind blowing 40 miles a hour after the 10 inches of snow. The fishing probably could not of been much worse. When I placed the house there I had such high hopes as the spot looked very fishy. After we dug out. we were able to move back to the area we had much better fishing at. Jonny boy and I were humping our butts off to move the whole fleet back to better fishing. I had cut a new trail with blue thunder, with 4 foot drifts around every thing I have been basically living in the truck for 3 or 4 days. Twice I had the hammer aka the wife bring me food ,while I was plowing. I have been running on a average of 4 hours of sleep for a week. We got The Arkansas boys set up with the owatana boys right behind, then the rest of the fleet. Just as we were in the process of moving the 5 th house a caravan of wheel houses decide I had the hot spot and came in like they owned the area, @ of the 28 foot ice castles came around north Carolina as we were setting it up on the road I had plowed for the house’s. They then got back on the road and proceeded to go in front of Florida and montana, with in 2 feet of the houses. If some one would of came out the door they may of gotten run over, It was that bad?
Jerry of the Arkansas group was so livid they left a day early and cost me 250 dollars. Hunter his son did get to catch a fat 18 inch walleye before the circus moved in.
One of the wheel house set up right in front of California . We could of plugged in the power off there generator with less then a 100 foot cord. Then they got there strobe lights going. So dave and his crew looked out the windows at there houses for 24 hours. They had to pull down the curtains that night as the lights were so bright flashing in the window the thought they were at a pink floyd concert with light show and all. They still had fun but the fishing was not that good. They were here for 3 nights as we had moved them down there after the first night. They did apricate the effort though, Another great group of guys that were very understanding.
The 7 wheel houses all pulled out the next day? I had to jerk 2 of the 7 out . They all managed to get 4 fish per house so they decided to go invade another area.
That night Dave and the owatana boys had much better fishing , When I stopped in they were having a hoot. They had a cooler full of fish and Dave even Managed to catch a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie.
Now back up to the snow and wind storm. I was out there taking care of everyone when the winds got dangerous so I had to make the call and stay out there . Danny and Bradly were in California so they had a extra bed for me. Frank, Shwags and Dave were in there wheel house next to them so I was able to hang out with them. I even recouped some of my texas hold um money I have lost over the many years they have been coming up.
It was a pretty rough night sleeping in California. My boots were wet from working out side in the snow storm all day, my jeans were wet up to my knees, my socks were damp. I had 2 jackets for a pillow and blanket for my feet. To funny I just thought I should of went and got one of the comforters from florida or monatna? Hindsight oh my.
Matt and his guys rode out the storm in old Minnesota, Matt is a superintendent at whisling strights golf course. He brought me 2020 ryder cup stocking cap that I will cherish and have tell they plant me.
They only managed to catch a half dozen fish but enjoyed there adventure, Matts dad wants to come up in the summer and stay in one of our cabins. He was a very interesting gentleman. He flew choppers in Vietnam. We visited .If I remember right he was shot down 3 times. The choppers all had bullet holes. Wow.
That’s it for now. I should be able to get back on track with my blogging as Jonny Boy and I enjoy working on such a grand lake that owes us nothing.

On a side note my galaxy phone crashed, You want to see some one frustrated. That would be me right now. I had to go get a new phone yesterday. I’m horrible with technology as I’m old school. All my pics, all my contacts. Then to boot I have no clue how to even operate the new phone at this time. The best way to contact me at this time is to call. Messaging on face book or any other way will be basically futile at this time un tell I learn this new phone.

Merry Merry Christmas Dec 24th 2018

I hit the lake Saturday morning around 730 am. I called her a night about 1130pm . That was a long day. Yesterday I hit the lake before lite to top off the generators. I also had coffee with Wayne as he wanted to hit the road early. Traveling on the lake with the new edition KIa sportage. I took a few chances as I drove up to the generators with no 4 wheel drive. It was a good test but I better throw in a spade shovel and tow strap. I’m also going to get a set of chains. That should make a huge difference.
Wayne defiantly had the worst fishing?
Wayne always lets the first one go. He released a fat 16 1/2, I missed a nice fish while we were playing cards ,he caught couple little scuffits.

Mean while Stacy and Brian had pretty good fishing in Florida. They managed to eat a bunch of fish, shared some left overs with me and headed home with 8.
Joe,Sandy and Scott were here 1 night .They managed to get 8. Dave was also here 1 night .he got his 4.
Rick and Gordy were up to 5 last night. All under 17 but over 16 inches.
Shela, Richy and Family arrived Just as Jonny boy and I buttoned up moving old Minnesota, North Dakota and California. We moved them all to a new location. We set them up in a triangle with a small Christmas tree in the middle. I meet them on the lake and escort them out there. When we arrive they have a 6 foot blue spruce to set up, which makes my little tree look like a stick.
Last night making the rounds, California was the hot house. Followed by north Dakota with old Minnesota falling further behind on the fish catching.
There here one more night so will see how they did over night.
We will say good bye to Rick and Gordy. Then Montana and Florida need to be moved before Bobby Darrel and the crew arrive. With the impending snow I need to be smart about where we move the houses. I have two fishy spots in mind . I’ll have to decide when I get out there this morning.

I’m also going to do a no snow snow dance. I do not expect it to work, but with mother nature and the size of red lake some times the storms split around the lake?
Looking at the calender getting out for one last deer hunt may not be in the books.
I’ll share another story of one of my hunt.
For 3 years a chased a big buck in a creek bottom. Every time I would still hunt into the area he would bust me. You never new where he was bedded down. Some times he would be laying in the tall grasses next to the creek where he could lay in the sun all day long. Most of the time he would slip away from me and run across a a big opening and go into a small thicket. I had jumped him more then once. He had a beautiful rack and was all of 10 points. No matter which way I still hunted he always ran or snuck out to the north. The dairy Queen was to the south. The freeway was to the west highway 61 was to the east.
This day I was determinded. When I got a glimpse of him, he was coming out of the river bottom heading to the thicket. 1/4 mile away. I hiked over to the thicket, circled around and still hunted in. It was so thick I would never have a shot with my bow. I again pushed him out and he ran full speed back to the river bottom.
I again hiked back across. I started still hunting again. It was not very long when he jumped the creek ran east jumped the creek again and headed across the open field to the north. About half way he stopped and stood there, Majestic as a buck could be. He Stood there with his head held high, his chest puffed out, Steam coming out of his nostrils and mouth. I stood there admiring him. To far for a bow shot. He just stood there just starring at me. He then spun around, he headed east where he ran across highway 61 and left the area.

Dec 23rd 2018

Just like that mother nature throws a big monkey wrench it the whole operation. With a good inch of snow, throw in some wind, then another inch of snow. Plan a turns into a scramble as we say good bye to Garret and Brian today. We had them in our new ice castle Kentucy. Friday night into yesterday morning was a bust so Jonny boy and I moved them to what we expected to be better fishing. Last I had checked they had started to catch a few.

Andy and Andy were set up off in the distance all by them self’s. They also brought Sam’s wheel house up for Sam as he has a diesel. They always bring there own generator so they can be off by them self . They totally beleave in the further you are from any one the better the fishing. Sam and his wife set up a good 500 yards away where they been pounding the fish for two days. Andy and Andy are doing all also doing all right with a nice batch of fish.

Wayne rolled in for old Minnesota yesterday. Today we will be moving him as that spot was a big bust. Brian and Stacy arrived for Florida and proceeded to put the smack down on the fish. They had 7 when I stopped in last night. They are set up less the 2oo feet where Kentucky had horrible fishing in Kentucky.
Paul and Jason arrived for 1 night stay in north Carolina. I will find out how they did later today,
Jonny boy and I have a lot to do today . The winds have piled up the drifts around everything which throws in a whole bunch of extra work.
Rick and Gordy arrive for montana so I would like that on a new spot. North Dakota needs to be set up for Joes one night stay, Dave also will be arriving for one night in north Carolina.
Then California, Old Minnesota and North Dakota all have Shela’s family arriving tomorrow.

Duke and his wife in there wheel house also landed on the honey hole. Duke figured they got over 50 fish.
Randy Rum and his dad did real well the first night but it slowed down for them yesterday.
With this 2 inches of snow and the winds blowing it around the lake has become a land mine . There are quite a few areas of broken ice fields that are now hidden under the snow. bah hah ing cross country will be much more difficult now.
Hillmens Highway has 7 miles of road to clean up today and tomorrow. Today is going to be one long day. She should be a challenge as we battle mother nature on such a grand lake that owes us nothing